Helper for get_iplayer
Helper for get_iplayer
(supplied by The Beebotron)

Welcome to the Helper for get_iplayer. (For more info on get_iplayer CLICK THIS. Download the get_iplayer Windows Automated Installer HERE)
Please, please remember to click Make Script before you click Run Script! For simple Search Criteria use doublequotes - e.g. "Doctor Who", not Doctor Who
If your search output contains multiple programmes and you want just one of these, search again for the Programme Number (the number at the start of the line in the search output).
Select Mode 
[Use with Search and Download Modes] Choose your Search criteria 
[Use with Search and Download Modes] Enter Search text 
[Use with Download and PVR Modes] Select Quality 
[Use with Download Mode] Do you want to force the download? 
[Use with All Modes] Do you want to use a Proxy? 
[Use with PVR Mode] Select PVR Option 
[Use with PVR Mode] Name your Named PVR Search 
Do you want to close the Command Prompt window after running the script? 

Current Script

General info...   Help page for get_iplayer PVR Mode

Setup Data follows. Use Save Cookie, and then Load Cookie at the start of a new session to retrieve the Setup Data.

Where did you install get_iplayer? 
Where do you want to store your downloads? 
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          Thank you for using the Beebotron!