Help for get_iplayer PVR
(supplied by Beebotron)

This is a help page for setting up Scheduled Tasks for get_iplayer in Windows XP or Vista. If you want the task to really do something then make sure you've set up some named searches in PVR Mode of the Helper - get_iplayer page here:

Windows XP

Open the Scheduled Tasks programme (Start => Programmes => Accessories => System Tools => Scheduled Tasks
then File => New => Scheduled Task

Call it 'PVR (get_iplayer)' (without the quotes), and press enter.

Double-click the task to open its properties - you should be in the General tab.

Copy the following line into the Run: box
"C:\Program Files\get_iplayer\perl.exe" --pvr

Click Apply, enter your Windows password and then Ok it.

Go to the Schedule tab, click Advanced, tick Repeat Task. Set the Every: box to 1 hour, and set the Duration: to 24 hours. Click Ok, and then Ok again to quit the Task Properties. Check the Next Run Time, and if you want it to start earlier just double-click the task and tweak the Schedule => Start Time. There's a fair chance you'll need to do this, as the Scheduler defaults to tomorrow, and by tweaking the task it'll force it to start today.

Right click the Task and Run, just to prove it works.

Windows Vista

This is a bit more difficult - you'll have to create a batch file and save it in C:\Program Files\get_iplayer.

The file must be called get_iplayer--pvr.bat, and contain the following two lines:

cd "C:\Program Files\get_iplayer"
perl.exe --pvr

This file is also available here - right-click it and Save it on your PC. It may end up on your PC called get_iplayer--pvr.bat.txt, in which case you need to rename it (highlight it, press F2) and delete the '.txt' bit. Then copy or move it to C:\Program Files\get_iplayer.

Now you need to set up the Task Scheduler.

Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Task Scheduler

Click Task Scheduler Library (in the left pane)
Click Create Task (in the right pane)

[General Tab] Name: PVR (get_iplayer)
[Triggers Tab] New - Daily - Repeat Task every: 1 hour - for a duration of: Indefinitely
[Actions Tab] New - enter:
"C:\Program Files\get_iplayer\get_iplayer--pvr.bat"
in the Program/script box

Ok your way out, and it's done.

Force the task to run (click Run in right hand pane), or wait for the first trigger event. The task must run once before it'll automatically run every hour.

If you have any problems then please post them on the Beebotron Bulletin Board.

          Thank you for using the Beebotron!